Thermodynamics – An Engineering Approach

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Authors : Yunus A. Cengel and Michael A. Boles

Thermodynamics is an exciting and fascinating subject that deals with energy, which is essential for sustenance of life, and thermodynamics has long been an essential part of engineering curricula all over the world. It has a broad application area ranging from microscopic organisms to common household appliances, transportation vehicles, power generation systems, and even philosophy. This introductory book contains sufficient material for two sequential courses in thermodynamics. Students are assumed to have an adequate background in calculus and physics.

Chapter 1  “Introduction and Basic Concepts.”

Chapter 2 “Energy, Energy Transfer, and General Energy Analysis”

Chapter 3 “Properties of Pure Substance”

Chapter 4 “Energy Analysis of Closed Systems”

Chapter 5 “Mass and Energy Analysis of Control Volumes”

Chapter 6 “The Second Law of Thermodynamics”

Chapters 7 through 15 are essentially identical to the previous edition Chapters 6 through 14, respectively.

Chapter 17 “Compressible Flow”

Download this book.


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Heat Transfer Textbook Basic Engineering Mathematics

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